Venomous Devotion - The Hematic Lust

by Alpha Hydrae

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Released by Rex Bagude & Onslaught Records in Aug '13
Limited to 1000 copies

Recorded at Shakal Studios 2012-2013
Enginereed and mastered by Shakal Blood
Produced and mixed by Asbeel and Shakal Blood
Post production & layout by Masthema Sancia, Asbeel and Lord Inferno


released August 24, 2013

All music & lyrics by Alpha Hydrae



all rights reserved


Alpha Hydrae Monterrey, Mexico

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Track Name: Macabre vision of delight
Deeds of perversion, rotten desires
Blood is an elixir for darkened emotions
The flesh is open, a macabre vision of delight

A parasite feeding on your fears
I will fornicate your soul in ecstasy

Devoured by my own demons
Hate and emptiness reflected in dead eyes
The vestiges of what once was a man

A forbidden pleasure
The blood streams my face
I wound the flesh I desire the most to release my grief

I drink directly from your wounds

I will immortalize your soul, in eternal suffering I'll be behind
Track Name: Of grotesque, erotic necrolatry
Abysmal poetry written in the coldest misery, devouring the majesty of night

In flame-wrapping ecstasy I rejoice
Veritas diaboli manet in mors

Blood-spilling feast of devouring lust
Demonic flames, dancing in erotic sin

Bloodlust through venomous xtasy
A bloodfucking ritual, orgy of impure deeds

Dismembered will of a lost sheep
...of grotesque and erotic necrolatry, the inocent being, lust-poisoned and ravaged like a fallen swan

Blood-drunken angel spewing defecation and blood

I can see the beauty tear apart in misery and a smile disfigure into horror
Track Name: Venomous devotion
A canvas on naked flesh, disfigured muse of vice and sin
Sepulchral vice, erotic rage of ematic lust

It lies within the breath of a scornful lust, emanates from the flesh, blood and ashes

I carve the stigmas in my flesh in self purification

Poetry written in the blood of an inexorable harlot, the same old demons feasting on rotting flesh

The devil's wine I drink, and in deathly visions I fest

Spiritual immolation, sadism spelled upon human mind, dancing in my veins

Venomous devotion dancing in my veins, muse of vice and sin devouring my desire...
Venomous devotion, intoxicated thoughts of the human mind

Posioned by the serpent of vice, drowning in narcotic, barren sin

The sine of beauty in terror-filled embrace, a delightful sight of inner mutilation

In desire of slice and cut, blood-spilling demantial ecstasy
Track Name: Impure miasma from the gate of sin
Open veins, a feast of delight
Mournful lust, infernal desire
Darkest ecstasy, salacity is now unleashed

Her eyes reflect my perverted dreams, as I dance in her flesh to feed my desire, lustful apathy

I am the rapist of body and soul
In your dreams I roam
I am the esscence that poisons the spirit
I spill my seed into your ravaged purity

Impure miasma
Exhaling lechery
Dripping nectar from the gate of sin

Blasphemy unbound
Dwelling in teratism
Secular urges satisfied

Eternal ties of a rotten pact, the stigmas I have carved...forever will last

Impure miasma
Exhaling lechery
Dripping nectar from the gate of sin
Track Name: Necrocosmic angelus
Deadly omens exorcised in clay from the abyss of dreams
Foul worship in bigotry

Horror dripping from colosal architecture, loosing the ties of mind-devouring terror

That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die

Necrocosmic angelus

Demigod risen from the depths
Necrocosmic angelus

Titan blocks and sky-flung monoliths
Deliberate bloodthirstiness and repulsiveness

Horror dripping from colosal architecture, loosing the ties of mind-devouring terror
Track Name: In adamantine chains and penal fire - against the throne and monarchy of god
In adamantine chains and penal fire
Against the throne and monarchy of god

Ire of a fallen angel far round illumin'd hell
Highly rag'd against the highest
Hurling defiance toward the vault of heaven

Muse of rebellion condemned to the pit

Peace is despaird, for who can think submission?
Not a fall, but a darkened glory...

...for a creature delighted by sin

Adamantine chains forged by divinity
A scornful pride for an eternity in fire

All is not lost, the unconquerable will...and study of revenge, immortal hate...
...and courage never to submit or yield, and what is else not to be overcome?
Track Name: Seeds of cyclical sin
Darkness claims its throne in an empty dismal night
Alone in the forest she opens the gastes to hell

In her mind the demons speak, invoking her fantasies

Her skin pale and pure caressed by the dark
Her lust speaks through her fingers in her temple of pleasure
Her breating exhales sin...

The fog reflects the eyes she sees in her dreams
Her perverted mouth hungers for the infernal cum

Under the moonloght spell, an angel has fallen from grace

Surrounding darkness embraces her soul

And the ground is moistured by her lust
The moonlight witnesses the breed of evilness

Her lust is spilled on dead grounds, planting the seeds for cyclical sin...cyclical sin